– Free2Surf VPN – Free2Surf VPN

The company Free2Surf Industries has its corporate base in the USA, but also operates a place of business in El Salvador. Since 2001, the company distributes VPN services, but only recently the offer was extended to private customers. The slogan “We make it simple” was implemented also visible in Web Design: The website of Free2Surf […]

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The VPN provider HideIPVPN is still a rather young company, founded in 2009 in the U.S., where even today is still the headquarters of the company. In addition to VPN services have expanded to include a DNS service. The various VPN packets of the provider offer to part only access to the servers of a […]

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The history of begins in 1994: In South Lake Tahoe (USA), the company began as the PC business to small. Soon, however, also internet services for the region were added, which were more and more expanded. Today, the company consists of over 60 employees and has offices around the world. The company is based […]

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12VPN is operated by the company Anuson Limited, headquartered in Hong Kong. Since 2007, the company sells under the name 12VPN their VPN service, which is particularly aimed at travelers, expats and globetrotters. The VPN offering is divided into two different packages: the U.S. package only provides access to all the us servers, while the […]

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Behind the site hides the company CyberGhost SRL, based in Bucharest, capital of Romania. CyberGhost currently employs 18 employees and manager.

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The Banana VPN VPN service is operated by the KIS Ltd (Kattouf Internet Services Ltd) based in the UK and Cyprus. Originally, the company had specialized in domain hosting and registration before the offer has been extended to the VPN service in 2007. Nevertheless, the company has remained true to its roots: Under the name […]

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The provider GhostPath is still one of the newcomers in the VPN business: The company GhostPath Inc., which operates the service, was only founded in 2012. The company’s headquarters is located in the United States, more specifically in the state of Georgia. Although still a rookie on the market, GhostPath has been massively expanded its […]

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About the company backgrounds of the VPN provider can be on the Internet, unfortunately, did not find much: There is a lack of basic information about the company. In addition to the VPN service is also a DNS service (SmartDNS) is marketed under the same name on the website. The VPN services to CactusVPN divided […]

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The VPN service Hotspot Shield is operated by the US-American company AnchorFree Inc., whose headquarters is, California is located in Mountain View. The company was founded by David Gorodyansky and Eugene Malobrodsky 2005 – Today, the company profile an impressive list of well-known investors (including IBM, Huffington Post, WebEx). As a distinctive feature of the […]

Weiterlesen » – Black Logic VPN – Black Logic VPN is part of the Black Logic Inc., which was launched in Canada in the fall of 2006. Black Logic specializes in the management of servers and the security consulting in the VPN and the IT sector. has its VPN offer it – as well as many other suppliers – graded according to services […]

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